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UX test: What do the menu alternatives mean?

Question asked by ingmarie on Nov 10, 2014
This is Ing-Marie from the Sugar UX (User Experience) Team.We collect feedback from the Sugar Community on the UX of the upcoming releases and Sugar products.
We'd like to hear your input!   Please take a quick minute out of your day and click through the link(s) below.  

For these tests we are using a third party testing platform that provide us with three tools -  VerifyApp, SolidifyApp and InfluenceApp. The tools are setup to show variations of potential user interface designs – and ask you to select the one that talks to you; or ask you to "thumbs-up"/"thumbs-down" a design; ask you to annotate a screen; or ask you to click through screens to determine if we have the optimum design and user flow.

It's all voluntary and simply helps us build a better application for our customers.

We have one linked test today, three screens with annotations.

Link 1: What do the menu alternatives mean? Please help us by annotating what you would see that the menu alternatives mean.
Type of activity: Annotations
Duration: approx. 3  minutes or less.


Ing-Marie and the UX team