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Failure when making API calls with SAML enabled

Question asked by Ryan Ryan on Nov 10, 2014
Sugar Version: 6.7.7 Professional

We have SAML enabled and working fine. I want to make REST API calls, but they always fail with nondescript error messages. From what I understand, we need to use OAuth for API calls, so an OAuth2 key has been created. But making the following calls results in the respective errors. Is programmatic API access possible/implemented when SAML is used? Thanks!

A POST request here:
fails with 401 status and body:
{"error": "need_login","error_message": "You need to be logged in to perform this action."}

A POST request here:
fails with 501 status and body:
{"error": "This OAuth2 library is not yet complete. This functionality is not implemented yet."}