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Auto reply email template with attachement doesn't sent with attachment

Question asked by Asaf Army on Nov 7, 2014
i created a group email and an email template with a document attaachment to be auto reply when new cases created from incoming emails to this group email address (create case from email).

Everything works fine, the email settings test is fine. the case is opened when an email is received at the group email and even an auto reply is sent back successfully to the contact with the template i chose.
The problen is i noticed that the auto reply email that is received at the contact , is not received with any attachments (system document or from local computer), although the email template has an attachment.

then i went back to the group email settings and push "Edit" on the email template and noticed that the attachemnt option is not presented and no option to add attachments at all:

(although in the email template editor in the campaign module , the attachemnts appear)

What is wrong?  why are the attachments aren't sent with auto-reply templates ?

found previous issues like this one online with no reply:

using Community Edition 6.5.13.