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Blank page when we use dynamic filters Pro 6.4.5

Question asked by Ghanshyam Ghanshyam on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by dkallish
I have issue related dynamic filters into reports module. anyone help me to resolved this issue.

if i am using dynamic filters into reports then i can't able to print the page. it display blank to me.

we have feature to print the page detail by press Print link at the right bottom of page before footer of page.

Step 1 : Create any report and add filters as you want with checked Runtime checked box.

Step 2 : click on Print link right bottom of page.

Step 3 : So it open new window but not display data this is issue.

Note : if you try without dynamic filters then it will work.

So kindly anyone have solutions of this issue then let me know quickly.

Thanks in advance