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Not able to sync users with LDAP at creation time

Question asked by jlabuelo on Nov 6, 2014
Hello all

We are trying to sync our SugarCRM CE 6.5 with OpenLDAP both installed over Ubuntu Server 14. What we would like to achieve is to create a set of users, and mark the "LDAP Authentication" option. This is because there is a Joomla site and we would like these SugarCRM users to be able to connect to work in our Joomla components, but with the user management done by SugarCRM.

So the idea is to create the user in SugarCRM so the user and password is synchronized with OpenLDAP, and Joomla with periodically upload new users from OpenLDAP also.

Problem is that the synchronization between SugarCRM and OpenLDAP is not working fine. When we create the user and save it , nothing happens and everything seems to go fine. No log error either is found. However if we check LDAP no user is added, and if we try to log in SugarCRM with the new user, we get this error message in the log file

[FATAL] SECURITY: ldapauth: failed LDAP bind (login) by VetTest, could not construct bind_user[FATAL] SECURITY: User authentication for VetTest failed
[FATAL] SECURITY: User authentication for VetTest failed
[FATAL] FAILED LOGIN:attempts[1] - VetTest.

Here I attach a couple of screenshots of our LDAP configuration in SugarCRM and also how the LDAP tree looks like.

Any ideas about what we are doing wrong and that can help us to achieve this requirement??

Thanks a lot in advance