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AlienaSOL Reports dashboard crash

Question asked by PositiveIT PositiveIT on Oct 31, 2014
Hi All! 
I have three reports created with AlineaSolReports_Community_v4.0.4.  Two of them are graphs and the other one is a list of records.
The issue presents it self whenever i try to add those reports as dashlets in my dashboard.
If i just add one dashlet (no matter which one) works perfect, but when i put two or more dashlets with reports works fine until y leave the home page and i return. Then an error rises "NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error -  index.php?entryPoint=retrieve_dash_page  " (According to Firebug) 

You of course can't see the dashboard any more and you have to reset the dashboard from the profile preferences.

I tried this with SugarCRM CE 6.5.18 and the latest version of SuiteCRM.

It seems that adding two or more AlineaSOL report dishlets crashes the Dashboards. 

Any one else had this problem?
Any ideas?