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How to access SugarCRM PHP Global Variables from a custom Javascript file in 6.5?

Question asked by moschap moschap on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by Muhammad Shaji Uddin
Good day Everyone,

Please how can i access the global SugarCRM variables from a custom javascript file that i have attached to a field on the DetailView. I want to access the $current_user global PHP variable from the Javascript file.

I have added the javascript file by editing the custom/modules/Accounts/views/detailviewdef.php and then editing the array to look like this
array (        0 => 
        array (
          'file' => 'modules/Accounts/Account.js',
1 => 
        array (
          'file' => 'custom/modules/Accounts/Account1.js',