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Records disappear in subpanel

Question asked by Marc Marc on Oct 30, 2014
 I'm running CE 6.5.17. I have two custom modules: Candidates and Job Skills.
There is a 1 : Many relationship on Candidates->Job Skills. I created this in Studio.
When I edit a Candidate, in the sub panel for Job Skills, I choose Select and in the pop-up I select one or more Job Skills and click Select. They are added to the sub-panel for the Candidate.

Next I go to another Candidate and do the same thing. In this case, however, I also select a Job Skill that is the same as the first Candidate. When I close the pop-up, the selected Job Skills populate the sub-panel for Candidate 2. When I go back to Candidate 1, the Job Skill that was shared with Candidate 2 is gone from Candidate 1. It is as if the relationship was really one-to-one and not one-to-many. 

Has anyone experienced this issue?

Please advise,