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Which Edition Should I Use for Custom Development?

Question asked by Jeff C on Oct 29, 2014
We are working on a custom CRM+Workflow+Order Management/Invoicing for a service business that is currently using CapsuleCRM, Webmerge, Dropbox, and Quickbooks (online version) in a disjointed fashion.  We are trying to integrate everything (except accounting) into one solution but want some integration with Quickbooks. We also need:

- Tight integration with DropBox for a cusom workflow application based on downloading/uploading documents within a CRM case with certain business rules on which documents to display.  This currently also utilized Webmerge to insert web form data onto PDF forms that go into Dropbox.

- Ability to use a CC email address to embedd email conversations into CRM cases (this usually a given but I haven't verified yet if CE does this?)

- Eventually, ability to utilize Docusign in conjunction with documents associated with a CRM Case (this is nice to have not must have)

- Ability to design a new dashboard from scratch that has more of a project management feel showing % complete for each open cases based on document workflow status, etc., etc.  Very custom.

We were going to right the app from scratch be figured there is so much overlap with existing CRM solutions, why reinvent part of the wheel?   

What I am unclear on is if we really need to work with the Pro version instead of CE to get what we want assuming there are some plug-ins that will give us some solutions in Pro that we can't plug into CE.  But then that begs the question can we just as easily develop our own customization for PRO as we can for CE?  It's a constant struggle to determine the best balance between using pre-existing mods versus develing into the code and creating them ourselves.  We of course can also subcontract some of the development to a SugarCRM Dev Expert.  If we did that, do they want us on CE or Pro or is Pro even an option for our type of situation.  (We run our own dedicated server of course and already installed and are evaluating CE.)

Any suggestions as far as a roadmap to follow are greatly appreciated.