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Bad Screen Formatting (missing CSS) after 6.5.18 install

Question asked by Jeff C on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by Jeff C
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Brand new to Sugar CRM 6.5.18 Community. Installed on a linux server. Install went smooth (except for it wouldn't allow me to create a DB user - kept saying pw verification field didn't match so had to default it to the MySQL admin login).  Anyway, upon loading the product, it looks like it isn't loading the CSS properly.  Again, this is a brand new fresh install.  Seems buggy. Any ideas. I tried installing two ways, unzipping on server, and then I erased everything and tried just FTP'ing all the files individually to make sure it wasn't a permissions problem.  Same results both ways. Here's screen shot mid way scrolled down.  Looks terrible.  Hope this isn't how the product really looks!?!