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Custom fields not saving data

Question asked by on Oct 27, 2014
Have 2 custom fields that aren't being updated when saving. Here is a screenshot of the two fields in the EditView - one is a DropDown (Solicitor) and one is a TextField (TEST).

In the log file, this is the SQL being executed when the above is saved. The values in the SQL are the existing values for these fields - it's as if Sugar is completely ignoring what is in the form.
Query:UPDATE aos_invoices_cstm SET  test_c='TEST2' ,inv_number_auto_inc_c='003082' ,solicitor_c='Sally_Solicitor' WHERE id_c='a4ebfb90-ef35-8934-5162-544dfa4a806e'
Completely stumped on what could be causing this. Any Ideas?