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Custom Action Problem in Sugar 7

Question asked by Haroon Khaleeq on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by Mary Warner
Hi Everyone,

Well, The problem is not with the ajax or json. It seems that sugar does not identify this url because it does not comes in the action file for the first time when i open my instance or after restarting my browser:
(ajax url)
url: "index.php?module=Leads&action=getphonept&sugar_body_only=true",

But when i repair and rebuild it hits the action file and works normal and fine.
Then if i logout or close browser and login again and try to open target page then same issue happens....It does not go in to action file and instead returns this script....


if (parent.location == window.location) 
                window.location = "http:\/\/localhost\/imerge\/#Leads";
     "index.php? module=Leads&action=getphonept&sugar_body_only=true&id=501d59fd-caaa-e57c-3270-5447a7b25788");

otherwise when it runs it return json objects.

Is it a bug or a problem from my side..??
I am using SugarCRM Professional, Version (Build 1118)