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What are ways to successfully implement Sugar?

Question asked by Sugarcrm Master on Oct 27, 2014
Following Points will help Success full implementation of Sugarcrm:
  • Always Ask Marketing Team to Create All Marketing Campaign inside Sugarcrm
  • Import / Create All Campaign Related Leads into Sugarcrm 
  • Assign Those Leads to Sales Executive 
  • Ask sales executive Make all Communication from Sugarcrm Related to Leads
  • Create Followups Activate on each lead and Followup Everyday from Calender 
  • If Lead Show any Interest in your Product / Services you cna convert in to Opportunity
  • Followups Opportunity everyday to Convert Sales Close Won 
  • Share Leads and Opportunity to your Manager for better Followups for Close Faster 
  • Create Case if you find any issue related Customer Sales for Customer care team to give resolution on time 
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