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How do I represent multiple Accounts in one Order module?

Question asked by Asaf Army on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2014 by Alan Beam
i have an "Order" module that represents delivering a package from one place to another.

in that order i want to select the:
Marketing Account - the company that markets the product (the one that gets the precentage of teh sale).
Customer Account - the company that uses my service of delivering my product
Delivery Account - a delivery company that sends the product
Receiving Delivery Account - the company that receive the package in the target country.
(and the customer takes the package from the receiving country).

The thing is that an account could be two different things in different orders.
for example: the account "samsung" can be a "Customer" in one order and a "Delivery Account" in another Order (because they have delivery services too).

How do i implement it in terms of relationsships?

* if i decide all the accounts above are in the Account module and i create 4 one-to-many relationships between Order and Account modules, i get 4 subpanels under the account, with the same name "Order" but each one represents different relation: one Order subpanel represents the account as a "marketing account in order" and the other as "delivery account in order".

* if i create a new module for every account type in the order: "Delivery Company" module, "Receiving Company" module, "Marketing company " module, etc... then i will have the same company in different modules, because in one order the account is as "marketing account" and in another as "delivery account", which is not good because i'll have the same company in different modules , that is duplicate information on the same company.

so how would you do this? 
how would you implement 4 different accounts relate fields in an order?

using SugarCRM Community 6.5.13