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Currency errors when merging duplicates

Question asked by Frozen Frozen on Oct 22, 2014
Hi all, 
Help me. When I open merge duplicate in Contract Module, then it have error: 
Warning: Missing argument 1 for getCurrencyNameDropDown() in C:\wamp\www\cestiCRM\modules\Currencies\Currency.php on line 578

Warning: Missing argument 1 for getCurrencySymbolDropDown() in C:\wamp\www\cestiCRM\modules\Currencies\Currency.php on line 611

when I click button "Select" of Currency fieldl, then it have error:

: require_once(modules/Currencies/metadata/popupdefs.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory inC:\wamp\www\cestiCRM\include\Popups\Popup_picker.php on line 65

I don't know why. :(