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Google Chrome and logic hooks, question.

Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by Alan Beam
6.5.18 Pro on LAMP
I have an after relationship add hook that reads the file that was just linked to the custom module line by line to extract and save relevant data (can be as large as 500K+ lines).

These files can be 50MB or more. The upload is acceptable, it takes about 2mins on VPN, which we can live with, but the after relationship add hook takes forever, as might be expected.
Lines are processed at about 10 to 15 per second, so the time it takes to complete the read/load of data is significant. I don't mind that too much except the browser warns the page is unresponsive and the SugarCRM instance becomes inaccessible to the user, any attempt to access any page gives a steady back-spinning gray load icon with "waiting for server" message on the bottom left of the browser page. 

I was able to log into Sugar from Firefox, then quit both Firefox and Chrome, and log back in and find it responsive while in the background I see that records are still being added/updated by the logic hook script...

Is there a way to make thing smoother for the user and make the process run on the server, in the background, without halting the user's ability to continue using SugarCRM? Is this a Google Chrome issue or something else? 

Whatever solution I come up with needs to be upgrade safe for 7.5.x moving forward.