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How to add parent relationship title in edit page for custom module?

Question asked by Abhi Abhi on Oct 20, 2014
Hi All ,

if i create project task under particular project

than for that created project task edit view

we can see something like this

Any one have any idea how to implement the same for custom module

i tried something like this in view.edit.php

i assign name to one variable
like this

$this->ss->assign('name_value', $this->bean->name);

and use that variable in

this file example.tpl.js fiel and fetch that fie to one variable

$custom = $this->ss->fetch('custom/modules/ca_payment/tpls/example.tpl.js')

$this->ss->assign('custom_name_code', $custom);

but in editviewdefs.php under metadata folder

i don't find a place to attach this custom code

can some one guide me on this