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The delete button exists in a detail view when user's role has no deleting rights

Question asked by Jaume Albaigès on Oct 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by Jaume Albaigès
We have created a role that hasn't deleting rights in a certain module. A user with that role logs into the system and enters the module's list view. "Delete" button does not show in the action menu button, which is the expected behaviour. Everything is fine until here.

Next, the user enters the detail view of a certain record of this module. Surprisingly, the "Delete" button is available in the action menu button. To be honest, if the user clicks this button, and after saying yes to the deleting confirmation message, the screen turns blank an a message like "you do not have permissions. Contact with your admin" is shown. That is, the user can't delete, which is the expected behaviour, yes...

But, why not simply hide the button instead of confusing people displaying a button, then displaying a confirmation message and then saying "you are not allowed"? Sometimes SugarCRM is...

Furthermore, in the following link of SugarCRM online help, you can read:

"Delete: Grants permission to delete records in the module. If None is selected, the Delete button is disabled on the Detail page."

Thank you very much for your comments...