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Best practice for custom links/fields in v7?

Question asked by Steve Cox on Oct 13, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by Steve Cox

In migrating from v6 I would like to get your thoughts on the best practice for the following?

1. In V6, I have some custom buttons on the account detail view. The PHP code behind these buttons creates an external URLs based on non-trivial manipulation of that record's fields. So when pressed, the URLs are opened in another browser window. 

Would it be simplest to implement this all in a custom record.js for the account module; a custom field type etc?

2. There is a similar set of buttons, but this time, the external URL created includes fields from recursively traversed module relationships. Would this make the use of a fully JS solution too complex? Would some PHP help here?

3. There is also a link to the attached file for the most recently updated, related contract record. Should this be handled in a similar way to #2?