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How can I pass filter parameter to list view URL?

Question asked by on Oct 10, 2014
When I'm creating a filter on Leads, I see all these ajax requests going to

where my query (decoded) looks like this:
It would be great if I could somehow just pass this directly in the URL.
This is not something I'd necessarily be reusing, or sales guys would enter.
The idea is to go directly from a generated link (likely from a map), 
or a dropdown ("Search near here") from another module. 

If I had to put this in, I'd create something called 'ephemeral' filter,
figure out where routing and path parsing occurs, stash the parameters there,
then if it's been set use this as ephemeral filter for listview (called from where?).
Maybe someone knows how that could be done easily.

Seems could also be useful for sending (a link to) a list to someone
instead of directions to "Search on X, and filter with Y=true, sort on Z ...".