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LBL_LIST_RELATED_TO not able to default to Accounts in 6.5

Question asked by Ronnie Ronnie on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2014 by Julio Gomes
Hi - 

When an activity (task, call, meeting) is being added to an account, the Related To dropdown is defaulting to provider and a blank value. 

When this is being done as a Lead before being converted this dropdown defaults to the type. Ie. Lead and has the record as the related to prepopulated. 

I have tried to update the custom/modules/tasks/metadata/quickcreatedefs.php 
(and then running quick repair) but this does not change, and I am unable to have the account preselected, with Account in the dropdown as I do when it's a lead. 

Any suggestions, or help how this can be done. 

Many thanks