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KReporter 3.0.6 and percentage of count not working as expected

Question asked by Tim Andrews on Oct 9, 2014
Hi there,

I am new to SugarCRM CR and KReporter.  I have managed to product some reports i needed (such as Cases by Call Type etc) all working but am struggling with the % of Count.

It is a simple report that pulls out all customers and then displays their version  number of our software.

I have three fields in the report (all are Version Number)

Version Number - Group By is Yes
Count of Version Number - Function Count
Percentage of Version Numner - Function Count, Value Type is % of Count.

The count is correct and breaks down our customers by their version numbers but it is useful to have this as a percentage too.  The percentage is not being calculated correctly.

I also have this data going into a Pie Chart (using Version Number, Count of Version) and it correctly works out the percentages for each slice.

Any help would be appreciated please.