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My two instances of Sugar are connected

Question asked by T G on Oct 8, 2014

Thanks again for your help so long ago. 

Unfortunately, I have screwed up again, this time with upgrading. I still have two SugarCrm's running through two different domains, and it is somehow attached. If I edit or delete a lead in the first domain site, the other domain lead mirrors this. I would like to separate the two if possible. But the problem now is that I tried to upgrade the newer site, that is attached to the original domain where the original Sugarcrm was located.

I stupidly tried to upgrade the new site with the normal installation zip, instead of the upgrade zip. This caused the home page to read "Call to a member function checkVersion() on a non-object in /public_html/custom/modules/Home/index.php on line 35." I checked line 35, where it calls for checkversion(). I ignored this and upgraded the new domain with the correct zip file. Now, the error message still stands, and I cannot log into the old domain and upgrade it because it says "Sugar CRM 6.5.15 Files May Only Be Used With A Sugar CRM 6.5.15 Database." 

I was thinking that I could upgrade the old hosting site by using FileZilla. Could I just import the upgrade zip file into the remote site?

Thank you so much for any input you could give. I really appreciate it.


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