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Rest API Problem with get related info

Question asked by dreambiz dreambiz on Oct 5, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by dkallish
I'm developping on a customer portal and I have 2 issues I cannot resolved. Any information will be helpul.

1. Where condition with related info query
I have a query that list a contact related to his account.
I added the where condition:
"where" => ' = "'.$contact_id.'" and = "'.$account_id.'"') 
But it didn't work. I can only have one condition 
- If I select Contact with related account: I can set "where" => ' = "'.$contact_id.'") 
- f I select Account with related contact : I can set "where" => ' = "'.$account_id.'") 
But with the 2 conditons impossible?

2. Problem to get related info on One To many relationship
I have 2 custom modules related with One to many relationship
(One Supplier can have a several Products)
I would like to set a query get one product with his related supplier.
With or without where conditions it didn't work!

Thx by advance