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Relate field does not populate the name in custom modules in 5.2.0c

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Oct 2, 2014
Hello everyone!

I'm currently on an old lady called Sugarcrm Pro 5.2.0c.
I know, i know, but don't be afraid, it does not bite (and is not so far from 6)

I've encountered a big issue on a custom module i've created through modulebuilder.

This module is called ndv_DeclasVente.
In it, i've created two related fields (NO RELATIONSHIP) :
 - reseau, related to a custom module res_Reseau, which id hidden is res_reseau_id_c
 - prescripteur, related to a custom module pre_Prescripteur, which id hidden is pre_prescripteur_id_c

These fields are present in editview of ndv_DeclasVente

When i create a new ndv_Declasvente's record, i click on select button for reseau, which opens the popup search. I select one of the reseau, and then, I have nothing in the field reseau (i should have the name of the reseau), but the hidden id res_reseau_id_c is filled.
And it is the same for prescripteur field.

When i try to save, i have an error appearing in red under the field, which says "No correspondance for the field: Réseau"
And same for Prescripteur field...

I have nothing in my sugarcrm.log nor in the php error logs...

Do you have any idea on where it could come from, please?
And how i could start solving this?

Thanks a lot.


-- EDIT 18h30---
Problem unsolved, but resolved :
I've created two one-to-many relationship from res_Reseau to ndv_DeclasVente and from pre_Prescripteur to ndv_DeclasVente. That way i have good working fields.

Still let this thread here, because not solved, the related (not relationship) fields do not work.