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Search related module only search by name and not  by id

Question asked by Pete Baumann on Oct 1, 2014
we have a custom module that is related N:1 to accounts.

in the advanced search i added the Accounts module.

we have some accounts that have the same name.

e.a. "Example Account" exists 3 times in SUgar.

If in advanced search someone selects (within the popup) such account the System only searches by name. so the result shows all entries of all accounts with this name.

in HTML code i see that also a hidden field exists with the exact id of the selected account. But this seems to be ignored and only search by name of account will be performed.

in SearchForm2.php i made some debugging and saw that this hidden ID Fields will not be Posted. Only the Name of Account will be posted.

is there a possibility to search only for the account that was really selected in the Popup (search by the ID and not by name of account)?


we use Sugar 6.2