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Sugar CE 6.5.18  doesn't accept image file for company logo update

Question asked by Angel Parrales on Sep 29, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by juliemoffat
Company logo is not updated, Sugar CE 6.5.18, Linux Apache server, PHP 5.3.18, MySQL 5.
  1. Click on  ̈Admin"
  2. System "Settings"
  3. at "Select Logo", "Browse", select file myfile.png for the new image
  4. new image is shown at "Current Logo"
  5. Click on "Save", the logo is not shown at upper-left corner, just the link "Company Logo"
Trying a second time
  1. Click on  ̈Admin"
  2. System "Settings"
  3. new image is not shown at "Current Logo", but "$mod_strings.LBL_LOGO"
same result.

Help on this.

Angel Parrales