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How to hide refresh button in custom dashlet on SugarCRM 7.x?

Question asked by Rodrigo Silva on Sep 26, 2014
Hi folks,

I created a custom dashlet on sugar to process a case queue, its working as indeed thanks to

But, right now i need to hide the refresh button and i don't know how, looking for a solution i found that i need to set a property called "is refreshable" as false inside a dashlet class, but i didn't created any php class, so what i supposed to do?

Follow my custom dashlet on dev server and the only php file used.

Thanks for any help!


$viewdefs['base']['view']['cases-queue-clientservice'] =
    array('dashlets' =>
            array(  'label'         => 'Fila Client Service',
                    'description'   => 'Fila Client Service',
                    'config'        => array(),
                    'preview'       => array(),