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Default field on Cases for current DateTime before creation

Question asked by Darrel Hayner on Sep 28, 2014
On 6.5.17 CE; a bit of a novice but learning quickly.  I'd like to use the Cases module, but we require a case# when beginning the conversation.  This would mean Create, Save, then back in to Edit so we could give the case# to someone immediately and then enter other info.

Alternatively, I thought a default case# (different field) that was generated dynamically to just be something like the current date & time to the second, would suffice as a reference.  So a case number created today might be like "140928-114300" for today's date and 11:43:00am.  This would mean 99.9% of them would be unique, however it's pretty long.  My main problem is that I'm not sure how to do this.

I've read a bit on Logic Hooks, but I think this would be a default done in editviewdefs.php right?

My other option would be an incrementing case number like the system provides after save, but in it's own field and I'd need it upon Create.  Not sure this is possible.  Any help is appreciated!