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How to create a report that has data for only 3 specific job titles out of 20 in KReporter?

Question asked by Harshit Jhaveri on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by christianknoll christianknoll
Hello Experts,

I am not a developer or programmer. I need to extract a report that shows tasks assigned to employees. There are 19 different job titles under 'Staff Roles' and I need the report to only show tasks assigned to the below three staff roles


I tried choosing "=" in Operator and entered "AE,9b46b201-729a-2f78-6ce1-539ea5a8dfd7,f2410c03-17d2-5beb-6edc-530dee3c2562" in the 'Equals/From' field but it did not work. I also typed 'Is One Of' manually in the 'Operator' and 'AE,9b46b201-729a-2f78-6ce1-539ea5a8dfd7,f2410c03-17d2-5beb-6edc-530dee3c2562' in the Equals/From field but it failed again.

Thank you for reading this and your help.