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Need to link Cases to Custom Module to use in PDF Template | Professional |

Question asked by Adham Adham on Sep 20, 2014
My SugarCRM instance has a custom built Revenue Line Item module and a Customer Inventory module. The Customer Inventory module tells me what products this customer has purchased from the company.

When a Case (Support/Service Case) is created, it can be linked to an item from "Customer Inventory". The service team then would like to add a list of Spare Parts that were used to solve the support Case reported. 

We then would like to generate a PDF that lists all the Spare Parts used. 

I liked Cases with Revenue Line Items. When Revenue Line Items module appears as a sub panel in Cases, it is called "Spare Parts".

Here is the problem: when I am trying to create a PDF Template for Cases, I cannot see Revenue Line Items in the "Linked" section of the drop down and hence I cannot use the data from Revenue Line Item in the template.

Anyone has any idea how to work around this?