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Where are the variables in include/SearchForm/tpls/header.tpl coming from?

Question asked by Uday Sagar on Sep 18, 2014

I created a new module, SellerLeads, a copy of Leads module but changed Leads to SellerLeads wherever required.

When I select some fields and click on search or clear button in list view of seller leads module, it takes me to Leads module. I found that the search form's action is set in


It shows:

&lt;form name='search_form' id='search_form' class='search_form' method='post' action='index.php?module={$module}&amp;action={$action}'&gt;<br>

I am not understanding which php file sets the $module in the above tpl file. Presently I am getting $module as Leads. I have to get SellerLeads.

Thanks in Advance.