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How should I add a "button field" to the record view, which generates a URL GET from another field?

Question asked by Steve Cox on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2014 by Alex Nassi
Sugar 7.2 pro.

We have added a custom field for account records, this is an id that relates to another system.

What we would like to do is add multiple buttons within one field space that, when clicked, will open a new browser window with a URL generated from that ID field value.

Eg. the contents of field 'myapp_id' is '121233'. When saved, there is a field row in the record view called 'myapp graphs' which contains three buttons 'myapp1', 'myapp2' and 'myapp3'. Clicking on these will open a new window with the URl pre-filled with:
(an alternative would be a dropdown of 'myapp1', 'myapp2' and 'myapp3' with a 'go' button to call the new window).

I'm not sure of the best practice to do this? it will only be for accounts and no other modules. 

No need to be available for the mobile version.