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Dependency Module Formula Fields

Question asked by Jessica Lennick on Sep 12, 2014
I have the administration role in Sugar 7.2.2. I am trying to come up with the best approach to accomplish the following things using the large data sets (problems, goals and interventions). Based on a specific problem, automatically populate the the matching goal to the problem as well as automatically populate the multiple interventions relating to the particular problem as an individual check box for the end user to select or deselect the check box. Sample Data Set:

I have a module called, Member Care Plan, and this module has to display multiple "problems", "goals", "interventions" for each member.  A member can have multiple problems, but at the same time, each intervention has to show up as a check box for the end user to select or de-selct the check box.  

For example, if I selected "ABC" from the "Problem List Search Field", I would like the "Goal = ABC 123" to automatically populated in the "Goals" field as well as automatically display all of the interventions (1- Assess ABC ... 2- Evaluate ABC ... 3 - Monitor ABC ... and 4-Check ABC ...) as an individual check box.  Also, instead of having to manually type in the long "intervention" description one by one in terms of naming the "Display Label" in the field section, I would like to "Display the Label" of the field in the record layout by reading the actual "intervention" description from the Interventions Module.  Some of the interventions description can be very lengthy.  For that reason, I thought I should create a field called, "Interventions_Item" in order to keep the order of each "interventions" for my check boxes.  So far, I created a "Problem_Goals" module, "Interventions (interventions, interventions_category and interventions_item)" module and "Member Care Plan (parent module to the Problem_Goals and Interventions)" module.

If you have any suggestion, please let me know.

Thank you,