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Problem saving invoices in Advanced Open Sales package

Question asked by jlabuelo on Sep 12, 2014
Hi all

We are testing the package Advanced OpenSales 5.1  for SugarCRM CE 6.5 and everything seems to work fine.

Package got installed correctly and we have been able to configure our 7 products with no problem.

The problem comes when we try to create a new invoice, if we introduce a set of 5 product lines, the total ammounts gets calculated correctly, but at the time we save the invoice in the Edit View screen, the product lines get repeated 4 or 5 times.... and they get saved in the DB.

This is an strange behaviour as even the product lines are repeated 4 times, the invoice total amounts are right ( I mean using just the product lines we have introduced manually).

Please check the screenshot for a better reference.

¿Any ideas about what can be causing this behaviour?.

Thanks a lot in advance