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How do you use the Account Name instead of First Name & Last Name for Leads?

Question asked by Ken McCartney on Sep 11, 2014
I'd like to use the account_name field in Leads as the name (which shows in reports, titles of records, dashlets etc).  Using Sugar Pro 6.5.17.

I was able to modify the list view to display the account_name field as a link, but I would like to extend this to the rest of the system.

I looked at this thread here:, which describes which process is assigning the first_name + last_name to the lead.  I would rather not mess around with core files, and have a solution that will still work after an upgrade.   I also tried to use an after_retrieve logic hook with the logic :

$bean->name = $bean->account_name;

It runs, but does not make any difference.  This seems like it should be an easy process (it sure is when the name field is just a regular field in the database!), but I'm missing something.