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How to add custom logic on click button in record.js from a module loadable package in Sugar7?

Question asked by Krishna Bhaya on Sep 12, 2014
Hi All,

We have few Sugar 7.* instances (Pro, Ent) and working on creating upgrade safe packages.

Have managed to get a way around to add button to Extension framework using post_install script.

But need to know how to add custom logic on "click" of that button in record.js from a package using post_install script or any other method.

I understand we can simply overwrite custom/modules/<MODULE>/clients/base/views/record/record.js but this can't be done from inside a package as that module's existing custom record.js, if exists, will get overridden.

Have checked for sugarcrm 7 documentation for the same but did not get any help. Is there a way to add custom logic for custom button in a module's record.js without overwriting existing record.js logic? or give link to related documentation for the same?