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Any ideas on how to best set up Sugar for use with a catering/event food service business?

Question asked by dataSpheric dataSpheric on Sep 11, 2014
Version 6.5.17

Seeking ideas on how to best set up Sugar for our small party catering company.

1. We get contacted via phone or email.
2. The customer generally has a specific party date in mind.
3. We capture contact and location info. The location is usually somebody's house.
4. We go through a sales process to determine the menu and the number of guests.
5. A proposal is assembled and a price determined. The guts of this is the event plan which contains contact and location info, the menu, guest count; basically what the servers need to know to actually do the job. This usually goes out via email.
6. The customer accepts and the date is entered into their calendar which all employees and staff need to see. This should link to the contact record and the event plan.
7. The event happens.
8. They do follow up contact with the customer.

The primary users are the Party Planner who comes up with the event plan with the customer and the employees who travel to the location and serve the food. When the customer accepts the proposal, ideally everybody should be able to look at one calendar, see upcoming events and then drill down to the event plan and contact details which are in the proposal.

It's a small company (5 people) so it's easy to go overboard with setting up employees, tasks, acounts and meetings. This won't be a "collaborative tool" it's needs to be a dictatorial tool for the party planner. Plus speed is a factor, all of the info is being captured over the phone.

I'd appreciate input on the most streamlined way to set this up. I have a few ideas but I'm new to Sugar and would really like to hear ideas from you experienced folks.