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When using the "Publish Report" plugin in KReporter, clicking on Next/Previous buttons in the Subpanel will return no records.

Question asked by Tawfeeq J. on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2015 by christianknoll christianknoll
I'm using CE 6.5.16 & KReporter 3.0.6

When I enable the "Publish Report" plugin in KReporter, and assign the subpanel to appear in a certain module, the results in subpanel appear correctly (in the first page).

However, If I click on the (Next / Previous / Start / End) buttons in the subpanel, the subpanel returns no records at all.

I noticed in browser's console that is returning an "Internal Server Error" (image attached).

Also, as a result, the subpanel collapses, and the buttons (Next / Previous / Start / End) get disabled.  So, I cannot go back again to page 1 in Subpanel.

I tried the following points to see if it gets fixed (but didn't work):
1- Enable/Disable Ajax
2- Check that the original "SubpanelTiles.js" file is not changed
3- Create other similar reports and try them in other modules
4- Change permissions in filesystem

Is this a bug?  Or is there something wrong in my system itself?