Email view : quickcreate form doesn't auto-complete fields

Discussion created by EdLeger on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by EdLeger
I'm having trouble with the quickcreate form, when it iss called from the Email view (button "Quickcreate a XXX and link to email").
I'm in Sugar Pro 6.5.7.
The problem is when I want to quickcreate a contact/account/etc from an email (when an email is selected). It works fine with the first one I create. But if I don't reload/refresh the page, auto complete fields doesn't work.

(note : I had the same problem with the generic quickcreate view, and it was solved by an hotfix. See the previous post here : Quick create view doesn't auto-complete fields in 6.5 . It didn't work though for the specific Email page, I think it's because its javascript/ajax is specific)

PS : sorry if my english is bad.