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How to filter contact names via product category associated to contact in KReporter?

Question asked by iFritz iFritz on Sep 8, 2014
Hi Community,

i want to filter for names and email addresses on contacts based on product category.
Lets say: Contact "John Doe" is linked to the product "ferrari maranello", which is in category "car". Now i want to know which contacts are owners of a car etc.

I'm running sugarCRM CE 6.5.17 with KReporter(Core) 3.0.6 and OpenQuotesAndContracts 2.2RC3(to get acces to products).

Any help would be much appreciated.


I'm following this video now: Still facing some issues in regards to category listing. Tried to use the contacts module only and it does show the product info, but when it comes to the assigned category, it shows now data...