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Upgrade failure: SugarCE-Upgrade-6.3.x-to-6.4.6

Question asked by slash slash on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2014 by slash slash
CE edition, started earlier today as 6.2.2.  Runs on Linux with mySQL 5.1 (I know...)  Minimally used.  Used upgrade wizard and SourceForge to successfully upgrade to 6.3.3.  Everything was good.

Performed a complete backup, signed out, logged back in, and at about 00:23:xx started to upgrade  Made it through steps 1-4 and at the Confirm Layouts Step 5, the [Next>] buttons would not do anything at all, neither the top or the bottom.  The spinner did not spin, and I waited and nothing at all happened.  Viewing the source code of the page, the Form action for the buttons looked valid, but clicking the buttons did nothing.  Browser is Chrome on Win7 Pro.

I logged out, logged back in to Upgrade Wizard and popped right into Step 4 and [Next>] buttons are still no worky.  I logged out and logged in with Internet Explorer and same issue.

I searched Google and Sugar forums and see nothing at all on this topic.

I posted the Upgrade log here for your viewing pleasure.
The error_log is and appears to show nothing I can understand to be an issue.

The first question is how to complete the upgrade.
If that cannot be done, how do I roll it back?
Then, how do I get past the issue so I can get up to a current version?

Any help is greatly appreciated.