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How to include a global javascript file in SugarCRM 7.x?

Question asked by Filipe Lopes on Sep 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by Frank Cannon
I need to include several custom javascript files to be loaded together with SugarCRM. How do I do that?

As far as I understand, I should extend some view and add my logic in there, and then redirect the SugarCRM to load the extended view (by extending the php file?), but I'm not sure where to start. Can you please give me some pointers?

The solution obviously needs to be upgrade safe.

PS: This is for a custom module designed to work with both 6.x and 7.x SugarCRM, so it would be best if the solution would encompass SugarCRM 6.x as well.