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PRO7.2: Have Account ownership override Contact view limitations based on Role?

Question asked by Christopher Grenness on Sep 5, 2014
I have set a Role limitation so that a user is only able to see Contacts that he owns (Owner).
But is it possible from within the Administrator environment to have Account ownership override this setting, so that an Account owner will see all data belonging to an Account he/she owns,  regardless of whether he is the Owner of all those data records?

"The Role 'sales' is limited to 'Owner' access to Contacts.
Sally works as a sales rep, and has the role 'sales' in SugarCRM.
Hence, when listing all Contacts in the Contacts module, she will only see Contacts that she owns.
But she owns a large account, ACME International, that contains several Contacts, and not all of those Contacts are owned by Sally.
When she's looking at her account ACME, she only sees her own Contacts, and not ACME contacts that for some reason were added by or is owned by other sales reps.
What her Sales Manager would like, is a function that overrides the Role limitation so that when you own an account you'll see all data belonging to that (your) account - all contacts, all meetings, all documents."