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Problem with dependencies/SugarLogic in 7.2.2 "not" no longer working

Question asked by Mike Solomon on Sep 5, 2014
I'm having a problem with dependencies since I upgraded from 7.2.1 to 7.2.2

The following code was working but now makes the field readonly whatever the status is :(

$dependencies['zz_expenses_detail']['status6'] = array(  'hooks' => array("all"),
'trigger' => 'not(equal(related($zz_expenses_head_zz_expenses_detail,"status"), "open"))',
'triggerFields' => array('zz_expenses_head_zz_expenses_detail'),
'onload' => true,
'actions' => array(
'name' => 'ReadOnly',
'params' => array(
'target' => 'name',
'value' => 'true',
The issue appears to be the "not"

Replacing the trigger with 'trigger' => 'isInList(related($zz_expenses_head_zz_expenses_detail,"status"), createList("submitted","authorised","finished"))', works

To make it worse the dependencies don't seem to work at all when inline editing from subpanel view :(

Is anyone else having these problems?