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Import meeting data with multiple attendees

Question asked by jacklew15 jacklew15 on Sep 4, 2014
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Version: Version 6.5.16 (Build 1082)
Sugar Community Edition

Hi there,

I am trying to import meeting data that I have cleaned in Excel in a .csv file. I have married contacts with unique identifiers from SugarCRM.

My problem occurs during the import. Each record in the spreadsheets relates to a contact attending a meeting. Multiple people can attend any one meeting. Therefore, I have multiple rows containing essentially the same information (wherein the only change is the unique contact ID). SugarCRM is treating these as a duplicate meeting, and therefore only importing one contact per meeting.

I have also tried to export meeting data from SugarCRM to see wherein the contact ID would go, but I cannot seem to find it.

I also realise that when I add multiple people to one meeting, it creates two entries in the meetings view.

Will I have to manually add people to each meeting, or is there something I have neglected in importing the data?

Appreciate any assistance that can be provided.