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Many duplicate entries in custom/modules/Accounts/Ext/Language/de_DE.lang.ext.php

Question asked by christian.flamm christian.flamm on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2015 by Gervor Gervor
I'm having problems with labels being reset after a quick repair:
  1. Studio change (labels)
  2. "custom/modules/Accounts/Ext/Language/de_DE.lang.ext.php" gets modified
  3. quick repair
  4. file is reset to previous state
Interestingly that file contains many duplicate entries. When I do the Studio changes only one (not all) of the redundant entries is changed - so there are now contradicting definitions. After the quick repair everything is back to duplicate entries.

Now my question is: That file is being auto-generated. Based on which information does that happen?

Thx, Christian.