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How to link a Call/Opportunity/Meeting/Email to both Account & Contact?

Question asked by Michael Smart on Sep 1, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by James Banbury

We are setting up SugarCRM  Version (Build 1118) and trying to get our workflow set up to keep relationships standard.

We are wanting all contact to be attached to both an Account and Contact and, if applicable, an opportunity, so that the end result will be that we can look at either:
1. Account - and see all Calls/Meetings/Emails, Contacts and Opportunities for that Account
2. Contact - and see all Calls/Meetings/Emails and Opportunities for that Contact
3. Opportunity - and see all Calls/Meetings/Emails relating to that Opportunity

At the moment we can only create a link through two modules (such as create a meeting through a contact, and relate to the Account. Making us able to see the meeting under the Account and Contact, but not the Opportunity).  How can we create a call/meeting/email and relate to an Account, Contact and Opportunity, without having to manually link items afterwards?

I've tried create Relate fields in the Call/Meeting but the result is that the item doesn't seem to link to anything correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!