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Dependant fields set to read only on 'save and create new' functionality

Question asked by Krishna Bhaya on Sep 1, 2014
Hi All,

We are facing issue of fields become read only, for one of the module while creating new records and saving them with 'save and create new' link.

We have SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 7.1.5 (Build 1173).

We have some dependent text fields which are visible according to dropdown value.

A is a dropdown which has options - text, image
B is a textfield which is visible only when A is set as text
C is a textfield which is visible only when A is set as image.

Now it's working perfectly fine when we create record (and save it by clicking save button) with selected value in A and with showing respective fields accordingly.

But it's creating problem when a record is created ( select A value and either B or C is visilble) and click on 'save  and create new'. It will save and show another create view. Now when we select A (text/image) it's showing respective text fields (B or C) but not allow to edit them and show them as readonly. It's showing them as 'No data' then.

This happens only when the record created with 'save and create new' flow. In normal flow create->save or edit->save it's working fine.

Let me know if anybody has any idea. It seems it's issue of sugarcrm core code.