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Target list not loading anymore

Question asked by Torsten Hubert on Aug 29, 2014
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I'm running SugarCRM Professional, Version 7.2.1 (Build 1096) SAAS on

After setting up SugarChimp including custom fields. I did the initial import and played around a bit with updating data. Everything works fine. I import a single Mailchimp list into the targets module (about 1500 subscribers).

To get it really on track for our business i added and deleted afterwards some more custom fields into the target module. Now i have the issue, that the whole target lists won't load. If i click "Targets" in the top navigation, only the loading animation is running. But after nearly 15 Minutes i stopped it. Still nothing is shown in the list. It seems to be broken.

So i tried all of the "repair" functions inside the admin. Nothing helps. So I tried to wait longer opening the target module. After about 45 minutes I quit frustrated.

Is there a simple way to flush all data, or set back the whole system 2 days?
Because I'm only playing around at the moment I don't mind if any data will be lost. 

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